Vijay Dantu & Co are experts in a range of business accounting services. We understand that running a small business is stressful and leaves very little time to do paperwork or sometimes even to have a proper dinner!

Long hours leave you with little time to see what’s really happening in your business and keeping your accounts up to date often gets out of control and the invoices and receipts soon build up.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is my business profitable?
Am I operating efficiently?
Are my creditors happy and paid on time?
Where will my business be in 5 years?
Am I achieving the financial goals I set for my business?
If you don’t know the answers to these important questions it’s time to call Vijay. You work so hard for your business, why not ensure it grows and starts to work for you financially? Vijay Dantu & Co understand small business and work with you to get the very best out of your cash flow, Bacs and taxation.

Before you think that an accountant is too expensive or not necessary, think about the benefits a good accountant can bring:-

Improved cash flow
Identifying losses
Greater efficiencies
Less stress
More time to focus on growing your business
Vijay Dantu & Co offer the following services:-

Annual business tax returns
Business book keeping
Business structure services
Business plans and projections
Cash flow forecasting
Consultation and tax planning
New business advice and assessment
Infact using the right accounting services means that you can actually save money in the long run by improving the way you run your business and manage your finances!/p>